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Next to its employees, your organization’s records and information are its most valuable assets. The secure storage, digital preservation, easy retrieval, and destruction of your information are critical to survive in today’s market and in the event of disaster. Find out how Data Lifecycle Management can provide your business with a full plan to meet your data needs.


Data Breach Reporting—Powered by CSR

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PII is Present in Every Business.

While Williams Data Management protects your business data and records sent offsite, there are many forms of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) present inside your organization that are vulnerable to a breach. If you possess information that can identify any individual whether it be a Customer, Vendor, or Employee, you have a responsibility by law to report any breach to as many as 300 authorities within the U.S. alone.

Your Data. Protected.

Williams Data Management is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for your business. That is why Williams has partnered with CSR to offer your organization the award winning Breach Reporting Service. If you experience a breach of data through any part of the data lifecycle, know that the Privacy Professionals at CSR are available 24/7 to handle all the legal requirements of reporting a compromise.

CSR’s Breach Reporting Service is the only service providing hundreds of thousands of organizations like yours with full reporting services for every possible reporting mandate. As the winner of multiple awards and accolades such as the HP-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award, you can rest assured CSR will handle all reporting should a breach occur.


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