Shred Documents – Waiting Can Complicate The Process

Waiting to Shred Paper

It’s a familiar story. Businesses decide that they will wait to accumulate documents to have a large purge ready when it comes time to have them destroyed. This then becomes an annual process and is identified as the standard operating procedure when it comes time to shred documents. Unfortunately, delaying the destruction of the information that should be destroyed right away poses a security risk and compromises the efficiency of your business and personal policies.



The sensitive nature of the information that you and your business holds about yourself, your employees, your vendors, or your customers makes it extremely valuable. If it were to fall into the wrong hands, it could be detrimental to your business and personal life. Social security numbers, names, addresses, birth dates, etc. are all being sold right now on the web, and data thieves are using them to commit fraudulent activities. Holding on to documents that should have been shredded days or months ago increases the risk that they could be seen by someone who shouldn’t have access or unknowingly be transferred into the possession of someone who you wouldn’t want to have them.


Let’s face it. Every square foot of space that is being occupied in office or at home should have a purpose. You want the space that your business occupies to be as productive as possible, so when it comes to hoarding documents and throwing them in a seemingly unassuming part of your office or home, it can really hinder the optimization of real estate you are paying for.



Collecting a large number of documents to shred can stifle the productivity and efficiency of your business. The amount of time that your employees spend doing so could be spent on the tasks that help your business thrive. In fact, a recurring shred schedule could provide a streamlined process for your business involving very little effort on the part of your employees.



We all want to manage costs, especially when it comes to our business. So, when it comes to having documents destroyed it should be no different. Waiting to accumulate a large collection of documents to shred is more costly as it takes more time for the process to take place. Employees spend more time making sure the proper documents are being shredded, sorting through a pile of unclassified paper, that could take hours upon hours to decipher, possibly leading to overtime and additional payroll costs to accomplish.


We know, getting to a place where regular document shredding is on a set schedule to optimize the security and efficiency of the process can seem like an unattainable task. But that’s where partnering with a certified mobile shredding partner can come into play and take the headache out of the whole process. If you or your business are looking for more guidance feel free to reach out, we’re here to help. Call us @ 888-478-FILE.