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Employees and Records Retention Policy Awareness

(Updated 12/20/2021) – Most people would say that a tech start up and a healthcare facility don’t have much in common in terms of what services they provide, clients they serve, and the overall ways they operate their business. However, the way that they handle their data and more specifically how long they retain that […]


5 Document Shredding Myths

Throughout the years we have worked with thousands of businesses across Southern California, and one of the many things they all have in common is document shredding is critical to the protection of their business information. The truth is document shredding provides any business the peace of mind that confidential information is no longer accessible, […]


The Importance of HIPAA Compliance

Working in the Records and Information Management industry means security and compliance are of the utmost importance. No one understands that better than Tom Dumez with Prime Compliance. Tom is an industry veteran who regularly provides HIPAA compliance training to Records Storage and Document Destruction companies throughout the United States. Williams is proud to say […]


Shred All Policy and Your Business

Imagine you are a manager and as you are walking through the office, you overhear two employees talking. They have never heard of a Shred All Policy, and as such, a conversation begins with one employee asking the other if the piece of paper that she is currently holding needs to be shredded. After a […]


What Makes a Records Retention Schedule So Important?

Records Retention Schedules are the backbone to any business’ records management program. As companies examine which documents and media need to be kept and which need to be destroyed, a records retention schedule provides an organization with a structure and policy that illustrates exactly what those requirements are. Employees then have a defined and approved […]


The Best Time for Records Management

  The quick and easy answer to this question is NOW! As your business runs its day to day operations, everything and anything can seem more important than the tasks involved with records management. And we get it, focusing on records management may seem dull and a minuscule part of your business, but with the […]


The California Shredding Law and What it Means for Your Business

If you have ever Googled “the craziest laws in the nation” you will see some strange legislation throughout the United States. For example, in Arizona, it is illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub, and in Connecticut, ordinances reference that a pickle must be able to bounce in order for it to be […]


May the 4th Be With You Raffle Winner

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who referred a new client to us and qualified for the raffle in the month of May! We truly appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to provide you excellent service. And a special congratulations to Alexandra Avanesian, Assistant Property Manager at Douglas […]


7 Myths About Hard Drive Destruction

The reality is the use of hard drives to store confidential information is more prominent now more than ever. Businesses cannot afford to overlook protecting the information of their clients, employees, and intellectual property once the use of a hard drive has reached the end of its data lifecycle, especially considering how readily available the […]


The Downfalls of Shredding In-House

Your business is shredding confidential documents and doing so with an in-house paper shredder. We are glad you are taking the destruction of your company’s confidential information seriously, but using an in-house shredder can lead to inefficiencies and believe it or not, an increase in risk that your information falls into the wrong hands… Securing […]


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