Document Imaging

Next to its employees, your organization’s records and information are its most valuable assets. The secure storage, digital preservation, easy retrieval, and destruction of your information are critical to survive in today’s market and in the event of disaster. Find out how Data Lifecycle Management can provide your business with a full plan to meet your data needs.


Document Imaging / Indexing

In today’s economic environment you can’t afford to lose valuable time. A customer inquiry not answered quickly, a lost claim, an overdue invoice, or missing legal documents are all factors that impact the profitability of your company.

Digital imaging/indexing significantly streamlines and accelerates business procedures across your organization. Williams Data Management’s comprehensive solution increases processing speed and information accuracy, minimizes the risk of lost or misplaced documents, and reduces the cost of manual labor, shipping, and storage of physical documents.

Powered by Digitech/PaperVision Enterprise systems, the industry’s leading document capture software, Williams handles the digital conversion and imaging of your existing documents in four easy steps: Capture, Indexing, Search, and Retrieve.

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Data Capture

Williams uses a Tree Map Visualization of PDF files to create a viewable index of your company’s files. A unique graphical interface presents even the most complex hierarchies in an easily navigable view.

Our software automatically monitors new data and sends any extracted text of new data to a server for extraction of additional fields or patterns, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), or to translate data. The additional information is sent back to the Analytics Bundle and stored in an XML file or a database record related to the document.

To Williams, being paperless can be as simple as eliminating access documents or as revolutionary as optimizing your entire business process where paper is no longer an essential part. You are issued a DVD with a stored collection of your PDFs and where you can view your materials while the data is backed up online.

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Indexing and Archiving

Williams can scan, import, index, store, share, and email a wide array of your information, including your financial statements and reports, medical records, billing information, artwork, contracts, and applications.

We can capture your documents in digital form, automatically classify captured documents, and also instantly deliver process-ready digital information securely. We specialize in helping your business find a balance between cost and efficiency.

We make locating your files easy. With a simple keyword search you can recover your documents online. Depending upon your preference, your files can either be integrated into our database, or our software can be loaded onto your system.

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