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Information Management Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

Information management plays a vital role in small business. It supports day-to-day operations, enhances decision-making, improves customer relationships, increases efficiency, mitigates risks, and facilitates growth. Small businesses that effectively manage their information can gain a competitive advantage, operate more efficiently, and position themselves for long-term success. Why then, would businesses avoid tackling information management issues? […]


Busting Hard Drive Destruction Myths

Hard Drive Destruction Hard drive destruction is an important aspect of data security because it ensures that sensitive information cannot be recovered from a discarded or retired hard drive. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding hard drive destruction that can lead to confusion and ineffective data protection. What you do with your drives at the […]


The 5 W’s and 1 H of Records Management – Part 2

In our last blog post we touched upon the who and what questions of records management as they relate to businesses. Read on to learn about the remainder of the 5’ws and 1 h. Where are records and information sets stored? If knowing what types of information is collected and stored is most important, knowing […]


The 5 W’s (and 1 H) of Records Management – 2 part series

Searching for a document can be a burden. Just ask an administrator who is desperately searching for one document to report back for an audit. It’s stressful, takes time, and ultimately could result in the dreaded “it’s lost” outcome. Though, this scenario does happen, it can be avoided through sound records management practices. What are […]


Off-Site Document Storage and Your Business

Where do I store documents? Off-site document storage – what’s that? Maybe not the initial questions a business owner asks themselves when starting their business. But as many find out through the process, and as they grow, the amount of information your organization holds increases. With hard copy documents this can become an issue quickly. […]


Do you have a ROT problem?

See related: Employees and Records Retention Policy Awareness What Makes a Records Retention Schedule So Important? Shred All Policy and Your Business The word rot has a negative connotation to it. “You’ll rot your teeth.” “The food is rotten.” “The wood on your house is rotting away.” All bad implications about the situation they describe. […]


Document Scanning FAQ’s

Document Scanning Frequently Asked Questions As businesses explore options to digitally transform their hard copy documents, many document scanning questions arise that influence a decision one way or another. In this investigative and consultative phase of discovery, we often hear the same questions from multiple firms when addressing their unique needs for document imaging. Dive […]


The Importance of a Certificate of Destruction

Certificates of destruction are part of the document and hard drive shredding process. Securely shredding documents, media, and hard drives after their retention period has been reached is vital to the protection of information at the end of its life cycle. Protecting the personal information of your clients, vendors, and employees is not only the […]


How Document Scanning Optimizes Access for Remote Employees

The last 2 years have been transformative for individuals and businesses. From an in-office environment to a completely remote workforce and a hybrid between the two, companies and employees have been separated and forced to adapt to the new workplace. By now, one of two things has either happened. Organizations have either embraced it or […]


5 Records Management Tips for the New Year

A new year means new plans. Businesses small and large are looking to increase productivity and revenues, all while optimizing the procedures to make those strides happen. Guiding these improvements is information, which means the way you are collecting and storing it should also be analyzed to provide the most secure and efficient methods available […]


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