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Remote Employees and Document Shredding

  By now, your office and employees have fully adapted to working from home. And working from home shows no signs of disappearing any time soon.  So how do you make sure documents that are produced by those remote employees are being properly destroyed at the end of their life cycle? Well, outlining a clear […]


The Pros of Document Scanning

What’s stopping the digitization of your documents? Is it time? Money? Lack of buy-in? Whatever it is, the benefits far outweigh the hurdles that you and your business face when it comes to document scanning. Here are the top 8 reasons to scan your documents and reduce the headache.   Free Up Space The office […]


Shred Documents – Waiting Can Complicate The Process

It’s a familiar story. Businesses decide that they will wait to accumulate documents to have a large purge ready when it comes time to have them destroyed. This then becomes an annual process and is identified as the standard operating procedure when it comes time to shred documents. Unfortunately, delaying the destruction of the information […]


VLOG – 30 Second Thursdays – Shred All Policy In our #30SecondThursdays series, listen to see how a shred all policy benefits your organization. Transcript Hi. Good morning. I’m Doug Williams from Williams Data Management. We’re here today on 30 second Thursdays to talk about secure document destruction. This is a trashcan. This is a recycling bin. This is a security container to […]


The Role of Records Management in Business Continuity

  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) lists a comprehensive records management plan as one of the three most critical components and recovery tools for your business to survive a disaster. However, many organizations tend to take the attitude of “I’ll deal with it when it happens”, which can be detrimental to the ability of […]


3 Simple Steps to Get Started with Recurring Shred Service

Getting a grasp on the amount of paper your office is producing can seem an impossible task, and equally so can the destruction of all that paper that is being produced. Enter a recurring document shredding schedule. A recurring shred schedule alleviates all the hours wasted shredding the paper yourself and provides a set process […]


How Much Data Do We Really Have?

Ever wondered how much data exists in our lives? You’re not alone. It seems we use something that stores or creates data on a daily basis. These days, something as simple as a smart TV, or sending out a tweet can generate data.  Statista estimates there are roughly 22.6 billion devices connected to the internet […]


Why Hard Drive Shredding?

  As you decommission desktops, laptops, servers or scanners, your business is going to discover very quickly that there is an abundance of information stored on the hard drives within those machines. The way your business handles the destruction of the drives is critical to protecting the business information contained within, and simply put, hard […]


Employees and Records Retention Policy Awareness

(Updated 12/20/2021) – Most people would say that a tech start up and a healthcare facility don’t have much in common in terms of what services they provide, clients they serve, and the overall ways they operate their business. However, the way that they handle their data and more specifically how long they retain that […]


5 Document Shredding Myths

Throughout the years we have worked with thousands of businesses across Southern California, and one of the many things they all have in common is document shredding is critical to the protection of their business information. The truth is document shredding provides any business the peace of mind that confidential information is no longer accessible, […]


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