Keep Peace of Mind with On-Site Mobile Document Shredding

On-site mobile document shredding helps to protect the information your business holds at the end of its lifecycle. The shredding of documents takes place within minutes and you are able to witness the whole process securely from one of our shredding viewing stations on our mobile shredding trucks. Create the piece of mind you need knowing all of your information was securely destroyed with on-site mobile document shredding.

We have in-office shredders, why should we outsource our shredding service?

Shredding files at your office requires more than just a capital investment. An employee’s time and wages also play a big part towards the inefficiency of shredding in-house. With any shredding equipment your business acquires, you will be required to perform ongoing maintenance and repair, and will still incur the additional cost to have the shredded material safely taken away and securely disposed of. Outsourcing your shredding needs helps with the implementation of a destruction policy and provides a chain of custody should your business encounter an audit. To avoid the investment of invaluable time and money and to better redirect your focus back to your business, using on-site mobile shredding service will get you on track to focus on the concerns that matter most to your business.

On-site mobile shredding

NAID Shredding

NAID “AAA” Certified

Our on-site mobile shredding is NAID “AAA” certified. “AAA” Certification means that Williams Data Management is compliant with the industry’s highest standards governing document destruction.

To receive certification for on-site mobile shredding, NAID demands strict compliance with standards for:

  • The process of shredding your company’s documents
  • Maintaining a secure chain of custody for all customer material
  • Submitting to random inspections by NAID to ensure compliance
  • Operational and facility security
  • The unreadability of shredded pieces
  • Employee screening and hiring – including pre-employment and random drug testing
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements for employees

The compliance process is verified by an independent certified professional. In order to maintain certification, Williams passes annual and unannounced audits.

We’re Here to Help

We work closely with your business to comprehend its needs and customize a shredding schedule that best suits your business. From one-time purge projects to recurring shred service, we aim to provide affordable, simple and effective solutions that ensure that the integrity of your confidential information is not compromised. Our shredding specialists are equipped with the knowledge that will help your business mitigate risk and maintain compliance.


On-site Shredding

Relieve the shredding headache.

With an exclusive focus on Southern California businesses, we’ve built our reputation on giving clients personal attention and customized service. Eliminate the accumulation of paper and clear out the clutter with Certified Mobile Document Shredding. Contact us for a free quote and needs assessment.