5 Concerns Your Business Should be Addressing When Choosing a Shredding Partner


Because utilizing an outsourced shredding partner provides your business with a surefire way to improve efficiency, increase security, and reduce overall costs versus shredding in-house, you will want to make an educated decision when it comes time to choose who to partner with. It’s vital that as you explore partners to handle your shredding needs, you research and address these 5 basic concerns that should matter to your company.shredding partner


Your company’s data isn’t limited to just physical documents…


As a full-service records management company, we know this is a big concern for most businesses. Not all your information is stored on paper records, and you may have hard drives, cd’s, and other digital media that need to be destroyed. Working with a Shredding Partner that does both document shredding and hard drive shredding will alleviate this concern and cover your needs as your business looks to destroy obsolete, redundant, or trivial information.


Your business wants to make sure its information is securely destroyed…


Outsourcing your shredding can seem scary for this reason, but rest assured that the shredding partner you should choose will offer three things:

  • NAID “AAA” Certification

NAID stands for the National Association of Information Destruction and the “AAA” certification ensures shredding is compliant with the industry’s highest standards governing document destruction.

  • Document of Destruction

A Document of Destruction provides your business a documented record that your information was securely destroyed. That way you have a record of the chain of custody should it come time for an internal audit.

  • Mobile Shredding

Getting to see the shredding take place in front of your eyes gives you the extra peace of mind that your company’s information is securely shredded.


Your business only needs shredding at certain times of the year…


Whether it is a one-time or recurring scheduled shredding service that your business needs, the shredding partner that you choose should offer both. Then you will know as your office increases or decreases in size, and your shredding needs change over time, they are able to handle impromptu destruction projects and scheduled service alike.


You don’t know the person who will be shredding and transporting your company’s documents…


Shredding providers should be using screened and trained shredding specialists that are licensed, bonded, and insured. That way your business is 100% at ease with who comes to your office and completes the shredding service. Often times, you will get to know your shredding specialist pretty quickly, especially when he or she is coming on a frequent shredding schedule.


Your business wants to make sure it is upholding its commitment to the environment…


A qualified shredding partner will not only destroy the documents that you need shredded, but also recycle each and every one of them to help protect the environment. As we all look to reduce our carbon footprint, make sure your shredding partner is doing their part to responsibly recycle all shredded material.


Addressing these concerns when outsourcing your company’s shredding needs will help you in your search for a shredding partner. Don’t overlook the needs and concerns of your business as the security and safety of your business information relies on trusting a secure destruction partner.

Williams Data Management can provide your business more information when it comes to NAID “AAA” Certified destruction services, and as your business explores shredding partners, rest assured Williams can address all your company’s concerns. Give us a call or Request More Info and let a Williams shredding specialist help your business become more secure, efficient, and cost effective.