3 Simple Steps to Get Started with Recurring Shred Service

Recurring Shredding

Getting a grasp on the amount of paper your office is producing can seem an impossible task, and equally so can the destruction of all that paper that is being produced. Enter a recurring document shredding schedule. A recurring shred schedule alleviates all the hours wasted shredding the paper yourself and provides a set process for all employees to adhere to when it comes to the destruction of all hard copy documents. Getting started is simple and can be accomplished in three quick steps.


Step 1
Having a Secure Console or Bin Installed in Office

Getting up and running with recurring shred service starts with having a secure bin or console installed in your office. The option of a bin or console is up to you and will depend on the frequency and the amount of paper being produced by employees. The number of bins or consoles installed will also be dependent on these two factors, as well as how many employees occupy the office. A general rule of thumb is to have a console installed for every five employees and a bin for every ten employees to make sure you have ample room for paper that is being produced. After the bin or console has been installed you will sign off on a work order to ensure the chain of custody from the very beginning.



Step 2
Shred Service According to Schedule

Once the bin or console is installed, we will return according to schedule and shred all the contents. On the day of service, a mobile shred truck will arrive, and a certified, licensed, and bonded shredding specialist will shred the contents of your office bin or console. It’s recommended that a monthly schedule is followed to ensure that the shredding is taking place regularly and that the contents placed within are not sitting any longer than that.



Recurring ShreddingStep 3
Certificate of Destruction and Work Order

After the shredding takes place you will receive a Certificate of Destruction validating that your documents were shredded according to NAID ‘AAA’ Certification standards, which signifies the shredding adheres to the highest security and ethics standards in the information destruction industry. Along with the certificate you will receive a copy of the work order that your business has signed off on to ensure the chain of custody should an audit occur.





Certificate of DestructionMaking processes smooth and easy should always be the priority for any business when it comes to destroying your confidential hard copy documents, and a recurring shred service does just that. To learn more and to get started, contact one of our information destruction specialists via chat or @ 888-478-FILE.