Document Scanning FAQ’s

Document Scanning Frequently Asked Questions

As businesses explore options to digitally transform their hard copy documents, many document scanning questions arise that influence a decision one way or another. In this investigative and consultative phase of discovery, we often hear the same questions from multiple firms when addressing their unique needs for document imaging. Dive in with us as we address the most common questions we receive:


  1. How much does document scanning cost?

We customize our scanning service to meet the specific requirements of our clients.  As we learn more about your document scanning project, we will better be able to provide an accurate quote reflecting the details of the project.

  1. How long does the document scanning process take?

Before the scanning takes place, a timeline is established to determine a date that you want your documents scanned by, and factors that influence the overall complexity of the project play a role in setting the proper expectation. Of course, there may be an urgent need for a few files to be scanned right away, and we do our best to accommodate to such requests as needed.

  1. How do you deliver finished/scanned files?

Finished scanned files are delivered via encrypted USB or encrypted E-mail. If you are using a document management system of some sort, we can work with you to fulfill your needs to have documents uploaded accordingly.

  1. What happens to my documents after the scanning is done?

Once your documents have been scanned, it is up to you what how you want to proceed with the hard copy duplicates. In many cases, with regulation and compliance in mind, clients either store the physical files for the remainder of their retention period or have them shredded and destroyed if they are no longer needed. In both cases, we can provide secure document storage and shredding if need be. You also could have the files returned to you if that is your preference.

  1. Where does the document scanning take place?

All document scanning takes place locally in our Los Angeles office. You can rest assured that throughout the whole process your documents are never outsourced to another facility.

  1. Do we have to bring the documents to you?

You are able to bring your documents to our scanning center, but we also provide pickup and delivery of files as well.

  1. Do we have to remove staples, binder clips, or paper clips?

No, it is not necessary to remove these items – but appreciated if done beforehand as it can speed up the timeframe for when to expect the finished digitized files.


These questions are just some of the few and most frequent we receive day to day. As your company examines its document scanning and imaging needs, unique problems and opportunities will arise outside of these inquiries. Creating a project plan will aid with setting all of the proper expectations as the document scanning process moves forward.