The Pros of Document Scanning

Document Scanning

What’s stopping the digitization of your documents? Is it time? Money? Lack of buy-in? Whatever it is, the benefits far outweigh the hurdles that you and your business face when it comes to document scanning. Here are the top 8 reasons to scan your documents and reduce the headache.


  1. Free Up Space

The office space your business occupies is best suited to help run your business as efficiently as possible. Why throw money away on space to keep file cabinets and folders? Document scanning can take thousands of sheets of paper and create digital files that are easily searchable, creating more space to be used for operations that really matter to your business.


  1. Maximize Efficiency

We are living in a modern technological age, and as such, the speed in which you are able to respond to requests from clients or vendors is of the utmost importance. Any slowness or delay sends the message that your business can’t handle the request and impacts your reputation negatively. If it is taking employees hours upon hours to retrieve information that should be taking minutes, it puts your business at a disadvantage, and could mean the difference between winning or losing a new deal. Scanning your documents maximizes the efficiency when retrieving a file and creates a seamless process for your employees.


  1. Compliance

When facing multiple legal and regulatory mandates, your business wants to be able to quickly produce the documents necessary to fulfill requirements. Document scanning provides organization of those documents that may be necessary for an audit or compliance check, so they are readily available to provide at a moment’s notice.


  1. Security

The security of your information is now more than ever, priority number one. With the number of data breaches occurring each and every year, your business simply can’t afford to have a gap in protection. Document scanning creates an extra layer of security when it comes to the information your business collects, as digital files can be encrypted and password protected once hard copy documents are converted.


  1. Disaster Preparedness

Disasters can strike in many forms and if your business is not prepared it can risk losing all the information it has kept in hard copy format. Imagine a pipe leaks in your office and soaks the filing cabinet that holds all your customer data, how would you retrieve that information that you no longer have access to? Documents that are scanned can be backed up easily and stored in the cloud to ensure seamless continuity should a disaster strike.


  1. Reducing Carbon Footprint

We’re living in a time when everything and anything that we can do to reduce the amount of paper and trees we consume every year will greatly impact future generations. Document scanning does two things to positively impact the environment: it eliminates the necessity to use paper and transition your business to a paperless office, and once all documents are scanned, they can be shredded and recycled to re-purpose for other uses.


  1. Preventing Loss of Files

Have you ever lost a file and had no idea where to look? Well, with scanned and indexed documents, it’s almost impossible to misplace a file. The organization that comes as a result of document scanning minimizes the risk that any file loss or misplacement can occur.


  1. Employee Culture

Any business wants their employees to be as productive and positive as they can be and eliminating processes that are negatively affecting that production and outlook goes a long way in providing a culture of innovation and improvement. Happy employees produce higher quality of work and in turn power your business to constantly grow. Document scanning creates a simple and easy to follow process for employees to retrieve files and in turn, will keep them happy as they perform their daily duties.


As your business examines how it can move forward with document scanning feel free to reach out to one of our certified scanning experts. We can customize a plan specific to your business and help provide guidelines along the way of how to accomplish a truly paperless office. Call us @ 888-478-FILE today.